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What Makes Executive Christian Dating Unique

  • The Personal Touch: Our experienced Christian dating counselors offer old-fashioned and personalized Christian matchmaking while maintaining today's high standards of professional care.
  • Your Own Personal Counselor:  You will have the same counselor that works with you until you find your perfect match. Over time, your counselor will get to know you and be better able to guide you towards finding a fulfilling relationship.
  • Tailored to your Needs: The Executive Christian Dating process begins with a 30 to 90 minute discreet and in-depth telephone interview scheduled at your convenience.
  • Exclusive: Our membership fees ensure that members are well established, well educated, and serious professionals.
  • Careful Screening: Your introductions are hand selected by your personal Christian dating counselor and are always presented with pictures and a profile.
  • Absolute Privacy: We are careful to maintain your privacy at all times. Pictures and profiles are never posted on the World Wide Web.
  • Highly Experienced & Large Membership Base: We have been in the matchmaking business since 1982 and employ proven traditional and personalized matchmaking techniques. Working on the internet since 1997, we have the ability to introduce you to a vast number of successful individuals in or outside your area.
  • Excellent Reputation: 89% of our past and existing clients are satisfied with our services.
  • High Standards:  Since 1999, we have proudly adhered to the requirements of the Internet Business Standards Association, a well respected, independent organization setting high standards for Internet businesses. We successfully adhere to their outlined tenets and code of conduct.
    Signing up with Executive Christian Dating
    The Initial Interview: Working With Your Professional Christian Matchmaking Counselor
    The Initial Interview: Working With Your Professional Christian Dating Counselor
    The Christian Matchmaking Process
    The Christian Matchmaking Process
    Your First Introduction: The Beginning of a Journey
    Your First Introduction: The Beginning of a Journey
    Follow Up and Flexibility
    Follow Up and Flexibility
    Free consultation!
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